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Oscar the Friendly Octopus - Grand Prize Winner of the 1977 Sandcastle Contest

Oscar the Friendly Octopus: Grand Prize Winner, ’77 Nantucket Sandcastle Contest

We started coming to Nantucket in the early 70’s – – vacationing with another family and renting houses on island for several summers.  After having competed in the Island’s Sandcastle contest for a few years, we had our biggest success in winning the grand prize award in 1977.  In that year, while waiting for a ferry and eating ice cream on main street, our mother happened to stroll by a realtor and casually looked at some pictures in the window.  The realtor noticed this and stepped outside and mentioned that the house she was looking at was only a mile away from town.   After a quick trip to view the property before catching the ferry, she knew that this was it.   She told our father it was the most expensive ice cream cone she had ever had.

We rented our house, “The Sandcastle”, for a few short years in the early ’80s and just started renting again to select families in 2015.   We believe in simple, honest core values and our house reflects that. Our house is a vintage beach house that is over 100 years old. There is no tv, no air conditioning and no pool and we love it that way – – the simple life. If you have similar values and are looking for an affordable vacation rental on Nantucket, you will be in for a treat.

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